Old Buildings Speak

Time knows no beginning or end
Old Buildings wave and wend,
And the words live on in the wind…

Old Buildings Speak
Of their store-house of olden wares.
Tobacco drying,
Machines turning,
Lumber curing,
Fabric spinning,
Scissors trimming,
Men’s minds thinking there.

Time knows no beginning or end,
Old Buildings wave and wend,
And the Words live on in the Wind…

~Marianne Larsen Reninger

My Indianapolis

“…if you listen to the secrets within the city
you will find that we all look around and see both.
We see the greys and feel our breaths fading away, but
we also see the beauty and the differences
in every block that act as a natural muse
Broad Ripple, Mass Ave, Fountain Square
each with its own personality and people who mimic it.
Once you have found the stomping grounds to plant your feet
the River White that runs through the veins of the city
will eventually run through to your heart
in this city that inspires and makes beauty out of the littlest thing.”

                ~ Maureen Logan

In A Small Town

Small town life is simple.
The downtown has no neon.
The streets are long and open.

Your mechanic knows your blood type
Your doctor knows your license plate.
Secrecy sounds more like something from a Bond film
Than a genuine principle.

~ Bret

In A Garden

It is soothing – the sound of nothing
That disrupts; razes; hates
Disturbs; curbs quiet insight;
One’s imagination is the lone
source of maximum sound
That vibrates through the garden.
     ~ Sara Teasdale

Visiting My Photography Roots


Despite the “wonders of technology” digital photography offers, I continue to return to film and specifically black and white photos. I love the results. I may be just old fashion, or it might be I have all these film cameras and vintage lenses here I feel guilty about not using enough. Then there’s the wave of nostalgia from the aroma of D-76 in the dark…

Little Hometown



In your eyes, I was just your little hometown
Stranded in the middle of nowhere,
Somewhere you’ll never reach far.
In me, you thought you’d never make it anywhere.
So just like every protagonist in every story ever told,
you ditched your little hometown.
~ Stacey Renei