Autumn Walk


Descending leaves fall to the ground,
Twirling, twisting, round and round,
Autumn season is almost here,
The smell of freshness is oh so near.

The crisp, cool breeze,
Shakes the leaves from the trees,
Autumn takes away the green,
Golden-bronze and brown is all that can be seen.

~ Ryan Larkin

Morning Light



“Morning is the best of all times in the garden.  The sun is not yet hot.  Sweet vapors rise from the earth.  Night dew clings to the soil and makes plants glisten.  Birds call to one another.  Bees are already at work.”

~  William Longgood

My Friend’s Garden

As I look out to my garden
I feel a sense of pride
It really is a lovely room
Except it is outside.
The bird bath has its own domain
It’s placed beside a wooden arch
Where all the birds come to bathe
And drink when they are parched.
   ~ Marie Church

A Faithful Old Barn

A Faithful Old Barn

“Erect and secure, yet weathered and worn
Faithfully it stood surviving the storms
Cracking and peeling … its colors are muted
Stubbornly standing yet obviously wounded
Absorbing abuse for those in her shelter
Unobtrusively stands against all ghostly specter”

~ Laura Lynch

We Belong Together

We Belong Together

Here is a place for you and me,
A special place for only us two,
We have a special bond that no one can see,
It’s tightly wrapped in a cocoon,
We are fiercely together in this magical place,
Even through times when threads might break,
But every time a new one awakes,
To bring us closer and keep us strong,
In this very special place in which together we belong.
           ~ Taylor