A Man and His Dog


With eye upraised his master’s look to scan,
The joy, the solace, and the aid of man:
The rich man’s guardian and the poor man’s friend,
The only creature faithful to the end.

~ George Crabbe

Dawn Beckons

First Light-1


As the daystar crowns a new horizon, Night’s silence is sundered and Light’s symphony rings.
Divine rays color the low-lying clouds a veritable plethora of hues, both bright and subtle. Cottonwool-spun gems are arrayed, layered and drifting about on the morning wind.
Heaven shows itself in the sky.

~ Stephen Purcell


In All Things of Nature…

Holcomb Garden~Aristotle


While wondering the Holcomb Gardens at Butler University the other day I came across this with a quote from Aristotle;   “In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.”    It made the rest of the day in garden even that much more interesting.  Thank you John and Jane Eble for your wonderful gift.

Rural America Vanishing Icon… The Mail Pouch Barns

MPB 2015-07-29-4

Perhaps you are entirely a creature of The Big City, urban to the core, and have never even driven through rural America.  But anyone who lives in the Midwest or other regions where there is still significant farming is familiar with these barns.  In many cases they were and are local landmarks of a sort, and as eye catching and evocative of place as a covered bridge or a lone, majestic 150 year old oak tree in the middle of a field.

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